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I’m looking out my window in pure disbelief. Sure, I knew it was coming, but so soon?! I am so hoping this doesn’t mean we’re going to have a longer winter! I am not a winter person but I think Kids Fun Plaza will be a great resource during those long winter months; when the kids are getting stir crazy and need someplace to go! Be sure to register at Kids Fun Plaza to have access to all of the local events and activities as well as reviews on the best places to take your kids. Stay tuned to Kids Fun Plaza for special deals and giveaways too.

I sure hope the snow melts for Halloween though!  My kids are beyond excited about trick or treating.  Also, I’M excited about helping out in Logan’s classroom at his Halloween party on Monday.  As a teacher, I rarely had the opportunity for being a parent helper.  Even now, it’s tricky because of my little one- and some of you may have guessed by now, he’s not the kind of kid who could just sit quietly if I brought him with me.  We did go to Tyler’s music class on Wednesday.  He wanted to leave at the beginning of the class and kept trying to escape out of the door.  The real fun began though when the teacher played a Laurie Berkner song (a frequent choce at our house) but he began to yell & cry that he didn’t want Laurie Berkner, he wanted Imagination Movers!  He finally settled down when he was given his trick or treat bag.  He did scowl at me as he peered into it and announced “It’s empty!”  He thoroughly enjoyed trick or treating around the Malta Community Center though and was simply thrilled about the little collection of candy he accumulated.  He looked so adorable parading through the halls in his furry red Elmo costume.  I just cannot wait to see his little face on Halloween!  I’m sure all of the holidays this year will be even more exciting, because he will finally be a part of everything.  I’m looking forward to reading some reviews at Kids Fun Plaza from other parents about the best places to go this winter.

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Kids Fun Plaza is an up & coming website and I’m so excited to be a part of it! Each week we’ll have a new theme to “discuss.” Please be sure to stop in and cast your votes for you favorite local things. We’d love to read what you have to say! Next week’s theme…pediatricians. Tell us about your pediatrican and what you like (or don’t) about them.

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