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It’s finally here!

We’ve been waiting for this for weeks and finally the time has come; tomorrow we will ride the Polar Express! The build up for this event has been great. Last weekend we had a family movie night, complete with pj’s, blankets and popcorn. We saw the cast from the Polar Express dressed in their costumes roaming the streets at the Victorian Street walk a few weeks ago. We’ve also read the book “The Polar Express” several times already this year in anticipation of our own trip to the North Pole. We talk about the trip almost daily; about who will be there with us, what we will see, and the boys like to imagine what everything will look like at the North Pole. Needless to say, the boys are beyond excited. We planned the trip with some good friends of ours and they’re coming over prior to the event for a pizza party. Six parents and 9 very, very excited children. It’s a big night for everyone!
We’ve wanted to take this “trip” with the kids for several years now. We had planned to make the drive out to Utica this year, now that Tyler is a little older. Some other friends of ours have a tradition of doing this each year. In the past, it just seemed like too much for our young family but were looking forward to the time that we could finally participate. Once I heard the Polar Express was coming to Saratoga though, I was even more excited. All of the fun and none of the driving!
We decided to purchase the very pricey tickets in the upper dome portion of the train. Supposedly we will be sitting at a café style table with our friends, since the tickets were purchased together. However….I have been hearing very mixed reviews about how things have been going at the Saratoga Springs train station. Many people have said it was wonderful and their children had a great time. However, I have heard about several not so great experiences too. One friend of ours bought upper dome tickets but prior to their ride the train car they had been assigned to had flooded and could not be used the night of their reservation. They were given very limited choices for seating; including a bench. Yikes! Thankfully, they did get a full refund for their tickets. More recently, I read that some people were getting their reservations cancelled due to over booking the train and in particular that Saturday night might be a problem. My excitement about the experience changed to anxiety. How in the world would I explain it to my kids if we were bumped from the train?! I’m really hoping not to find out and that our ride goes smoothly and is a fun night for everyone.
I can’t even believe that this is the last weekend before Christmas! We’ve been very busy here lately wrapping and baking. Logan is finally old enough to help with the baking and we’ve had a great time this week with all of the different treats we’ve been making. I finally got my Christmas cards out yesterday and am finally feeling like I’m almost ready. Last night though I went through our gifts and realized I’m one gift short for Logan. I’ll be heading out to Toys R Us Monday morning to get that last gift and finish up the stocking stuffers. I’ve been listening to Christmas music almost non-stop and am really in full-fledge Christmas mode now. I love this time of year and actually like the anticipation and preparation more than the actual day. It’ll be a busy weekend and upcoming week but I hope it doesn’t go by too quickly, so I can soak every bit of pleasure out of it. In a little while, I’ll be heading out to a cookie exchange/playdate at a friends house and then later today I’m going into Cody’s classroom for a holiday craft party. I hope everyone enjoys there last weekend before Christmas and that you are able to enjoy it, rather than get caught up in the hustle and bustle of it all.

2 Responses to “It’s finally here!”

  1. Kate Gifford says:

    Have fun! We went a few weeks ago & had a lot of fun!! Incase you haven’t already heard, bring your book & Santa will sign it on the train.
    I won’t be in the class today, my husband is going to be there but I can’t wait to see what they make. Have a good time!

    • Amy says:

      I love the idea of having Santa sign our copy of the book! Thanks Katie :) The craft party was fun….the school was so busy! There must have been lots of holiday celebrations going on.

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