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Post Christmas

The last time I wrote I was worried about how to spend our week off together, and now here it is Friday already! I shouldn’t have worried at all; the week has absolutely flown by. When I was teaching I always felt this was the quickest break. It’s such a whirlwind of activity; visiting with relatives, giving and receiving gifts, returning gifts, and then putting away and de-cluttering your house once things have settled down a bit. Soon the kiddos will all be heading back to school. As much as I’ve enjoyed all of this family time, I will be relieved to fall back into our regular routine.

We had an amazing Christmas! The boys are really at such a fun age and it’s so much fun to look at everything through their eyes. All throughout the day and before bed Cody was busy tracking Santa; watching him slowly make his way toward North America. He was actually bouncing off the walls with the thrill that Christmas was finally here. I had hoped by bedtime he would be exhausted and crash for the night. I was only partly right. He crashed almost right away but then we were up literally half the night as a result of the excitement and anticipation plaguing our kids. Cody slept from 8:00-10:30; thankfully that was when Santa made his appearance at our house! When we went up to bed at 10:30 he woke up while we were checking on him. We helped him use the bathroom and then ushered him back into bed with the warning that he should go right back to sleep so Santa could come. We tucked him in and then left the hall light on, the way he likes it while falling asleep.
We both went to bed but I woke up at 1:30 am and stumbled into the hallway to turn off the light. Just as I was drifting off to sleep I heard someone calling “mom!” I stumbled back out into the hallway and peeked in at Cody and Logan- they were both awake! I grumpily told them both it was still night time and that they had to go back to sleep. Cody told me he kept seeing reindeer and Santa’s toy sack flying by his window and he couldn’t sleep. I told him that Santa was probably waiting outside for them to sleep and that they better hurry up. I crawled back in under my covers until about 2:30 am when I heard the thunderous sound of little feet racing across my bedroom floor to use the bathroom. I rolled over and waited until I heard them racing out of my room but not 20 seconds later they were back. This time they were claiming there were snowflakes falling in Cody’s room. I groggily told them both to get into our bed and go to sleep. Thank God we bought that king size bed! At 5:30 Tyler called out to me. I plucked him out of his crib and tried to entertain him upstairs for the next two hours while the other two boys slept; exhausted from their midnight escapades.
Christmas day was tiring but fun and a blur of unwrapping, playing, batteries and eating. The boys were very appreciative of all their gifts and really seemed happy with what Santa had picked for them. Cody’s favorite is the Paper Jamz guitar, Logan’s is his Leapster (“Just like Cody’s”, as he asked for) and Tyler loved his new mini stroller for pushing dolls and stuffed animals. Although truly, we weren’t able to find anything for him that he likes more than my iPad. Seriously, the kid is obsessed with it! I can’t even imagine what kind of technology he’ll be asking for as a teenager.
The rest of this week was spent at the Children’s Museum in Saratoga, the Bounce Around place in Clifton Park and on play dates with some good friends. Cody has his first ever drop off play date this morning and is definitely feeling some anxiety about it. He’s going to play with a boy that has been in his class for two years now. He also knows the mom fairly well since she’s volunteered in his class very regularly in both Kindergarten and First Grade. We’ll see how it goes….my two fears are that 1. He’ll cry when I leave, or 2. He won’t talk the entire time he’s there. Either one is entirely possible, but he did say he wants to do it and I think it’s really good for him to do things like this, even though he’s scared.
It seems so funny now, nearly 7 years later, to think about how nervous I was about childbirth the first time; it’s what comes later that’s really painful…watching and helping your kids to grow up.

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