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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all of my family, friends and readers! Like many of you, I’m sure; I’m looking forward to the fresh start and all of the changes in store for me in the upcoming year. I feel like I’ve learned so much this year, about myself, my relationships and what is important to me in life. I have a feeling that 2012 has lots of changes and adventure in store for me, and am so excited to welcome the New Year in.

Our New Year’s Eve plans tend to be pretty tame and low-key now that we have kids. The days of hangovers, drinking games and falling down the stairs (that last one was just one year, but they won’t let me forget it!) are long behind us. In fact the past few years, we haven’t even stayed up to watch the ball drop. Lame, I know! The last time I remember being awake for midnight on New Year’s Eve was in 2005. We had just moved into our current house the day before and I was determined to be unpacked before heading back to school on the 2nd. We were literally unpacking boxes, watching everyone on TV live it up in Times Square. Ever since then, I’ve been pregnant or had a new baby and was just exhausted and couldn’t have made it to midnight if my life depended on it.

This year we had a really great time with some old friends and some new ones too. We were invited to have dinner at our friends’ house, kids and all; three couples and 6 little boys under the age of 7. Truly, I could not have asked for a better night. The food was great, the boys played well and we had lots of laughs. Although I could have done without the moment when Logan got the toy electric drill stuck in my hair as he was “giving me a haircut.” Luckily my friend was able to unwind my hair from the rotating piece and free me from the toy, thus allowing me to avoid a giant bald spot on the top of my head. Whew! We had such a great time though that we didn’t get home until after 9:00 pm. The boys went down right away but today was tough…lots of tears and dramatics. Hopefully we can get them caught up on their sleep over the course of the next couple of days. That’s the price we parents pay for a fun night out though.

So once we got the kids in bed my husband and I settled down in front of the Wii. Yes, that’s right, we FINALLY got one for Christmas this year. We were both so excited about it, but obviously felt weird bragging to anyone about it, since they’ve been around for so long now. We’ve been loving it though and have created a nightly ritual around the different varieties of racing venues Mario Kart has to offer. Well, we played until 11:15 PM determined to at least try to stay up to see the New Year roll in. We then decided to head upstairs and start getting ready for bed and then await the New Year from there. At 11:30 snuggled into our warm, cozy bed (I LOVE my bed) I began the inevitable fight. I drifted in and out of consciousness and then finally gave in to sleep realizing that it would still be 2012 in the morning and that I would prefer to welcome it in, in a much more rested state. So much for staying up to see the ball drop but there’s always next year.

After a very quick week, the boys will be heading back to school tomorrow. We had a great week together but as I’ve mentioned I am excited to get back into our routine. Several people have asked me about Cody’s play date last week….he had an absolutely amazing time! We were so proud of him for doing it, but even more pleased when he wanted to know when he could do it again. Yay! Cody is super quiet in school…rarely talking at all. I’m honestly not sure if he’s just a little shy or overwhelmed by all of the people, but he’s always been that way. However, I was so relieved to hear that he talked non-stop at the play date and was using their microphone to shout and sing. That’s the Cody I know! My little boy is growing up….

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