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We Are the Laurie Berkner Band

I have two words for you…..Laurie Berkner!  Those of you who don’t know who she is, Laurie Berkner is the Sheryl Crow for kids.  She is a guitar player/singer/songwriter and kids seriously dig her music.  She sings songs like (some of our favorites): We Are the Dinosaurs, Pig on her Head, Victor Vito, I’m Gonna Catch You and Rocketship Run.  (I could really keep going on and on with the list of our favorite songs, there are so many!)  The Laurie Berkner band consists of a keyboard player named Susie, bass guitarist Adam, drummer Bobby and of course, Laurie.  We bought our tickets to the Laurie Berkner Band concert at the end of last summer.  Cody had been really into her music since he was 2 and 3 andLoganfollowed suit.  We always hoped she would come to this area but kind of forgot about it as their interests changed.  When we got our brochure of the upcoming events at Proctor’s Theater, my husband and I actually cheered to see this concert listed.  We bought our tickets right away.

In the weeks leading up to the concert though I realized something. Tyler had no clue who Laurie Berkner was. We immediately began cramming for the big day. We cleaned off some of the CD’s that we haven’t seen in awhile and started playing them for him. He loved dancing to the catchy tunes and really loved the DVD we have that came with one of the CD’s we bought so many years ago.

A couple of days before the concert, Cody started talking about how we were going to the show for Tyler and that it was a baby concert. I could see his point that the music is really geared for little kids, but was sad that he’s now “too cool” for the music he had so truly enjoyed. Seriously, the music is so good! I have one of her newer songs playing through my head as I’m typing this. Thankfully Logan didn’t jump on the band wagon with this one and was still very excited to go. I think Cody is getting to that in-between stage where he still likes that kind of stuff but doesn’t want to openly admit it.

The morning of the concert the kids wanted to listen to our CD’s again. When I came out of the shower, they were so proud to show me a gluey, glittery sign they had made “Laurie Berkner in Concert.” Cute :)

Proctor’s was full of families toting young children. Everyone was armed with snacks and sippy cups to keep their children busy while waiting for the show. My kids liked looking at the stage while they waited pointing out the inflatable animals that were waiting onstage as well as the different instruments they could see. Neither my husband nor I have any musical talent whatsoever, but for whatever reason our children, namely Cody, are seriously into music. I actually have been thinking about signing him up for some type of music lessons, maybe piano or guitar, but still have to look into it. Anyway, they loved that they could see the drum set and the keyboard all set up and ready to be played.

The concert’s theme was “Animal Party” and it was everything a children’s concert should be; energetic, silly, interactive and just plain fun! My kids were enthralled from the moment it began to the moment the band walked off the stage. For the most part, they weren’t the kids dancing in the aisles and bopping around energetically to the music but they enjoyed and participated in their own quieter ways. All the way home we had to talk about the band members, our favorite songs, the instruments, etc. Once we got home they wanted to watch the DVD. That’s when the real torture began….Then they wanted to re-enact the entire concert from start to finish. I know, it sounds really cute. Please believe me when I say it really isn’t. There is a lot of disorganized preparation involved but the worst part is all of the yelling when it’s not going the way they want it to or worse, the fight over which one of my sons gets to be Laurie! Throw destructive Tyler into the mix, tearing “the stage” apart and running off with the instruments and there you have- the rest of our weekend!

Truly though, the concert itself was an unforgettable experience for our family and hopefully the re-enactments will cease now that the boys are back to school. I’m thinking it’s time to really look into those music lessons and get them involved in something they seem so passionate about. If you have any ideas about the best instrument to get kids started with or places in the Saratoga county area that offer music lessons for children, I’d love to hear from you.

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